Stillwater Hudson River Waterfront Revitalization Plan

Funded by the NYS Department of State’s (DOS) Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP), the Stillwater Hudson River Waterfront Revitalization Plan represents a strategic partnership between the Town and Village of Stillwater.

In an effort to revitalize the historic Hudson River waterfront, this plan outlines a series of policy, programmatic, and place-making recommendations that are intended to enhance the quality of life for both communities. The plan also provides a collaborative framework for both communities to pursue funding, budget wisely, and implement projects. Continued growth throughout Saratoga County has inspired communities to explore new revitalization opportunities, particularly within historic downtowns, neighborhoods and along waterfront areas. As a safe, affordable, culturally rich, and beautiful location, Stillwater’s Hudson River waterfront presents a unique opportunity to position itself as a place for millennials moving into the Capital Region as well as a community that is comfortable and accommodating for aging baby boomers.

The planning study area is comprised of the entire Village of Stillwater and the eastern-most portion of the Town. Specifically, the Town’s northern boundary is loosely formed by the Saratoga National Historical Park, the eastern border is formed by the Hudson River, the southern border of the study area is formed by the Anthony Kill River and the western border extends approximately one mile inward from the Hudson River (generally following US Census Block Group boundaries). The study area boundary has intentionally been loosely defined so as not to preclude potentially important areas for future waterfront revitalization efforts. The Village has approximately 2.5 linear miles of river frontage and the Town has approximately nine (9) linear miles of river frontage. Combined, the two communities account for approximately 15 percent of the total Hudson River waterfront in Saratoga County.