Matt Harris,
Superintendant of Highways
Phone: 518.664.4611 x211

Shelby Knapp,
Highway Confidential Secretary
Phone: 518.664.4611 x210

Hours of Operation:
Vary Seasonally 

AFTER hours Emergency:
Saratoga County Sheriff 885-6761

Location: 1 Lansing Road Stillwater, NY 12170
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 491, Stillwater NY 12170

Duties and Responsibilities of the Town Highway Superintendent

Important Information:

Garbage Can Placement
Garbage and Recycling containers should be kept in your driveway and NOT in the road.
Mailbox Repair Policy

Although we take great care at minimizing mailbox damage during the winter season, unfortunately sometimes it cannot be avoided and is a consequence of snow removal. In most instances the mailboxes are damaged by the heavy snow and ice as it is being removed from the roadway. It is A New York State Attorney General ruling that mailboxes are private property that are placed in the public right of way and are not subject to repair by the municipality. However, we will repair or replace mailboxes and posts only if after an inspection deemed the damage was caused by our plows. If your mailbox is damaged because of a rotten post or rusted box, repairs will not be made.

A damaged mailbox or post will be replaced with a standard metal mailbox with a 4” pressure treated post. Due to frozen ground it may be necessary to place a temporary box and post so you may get your mail until proper repairs can be made. Fancy or special mailboxes will not be replaced, for the winter season you may want to replace your mailbox with a standard one. For more information on Mailbox guidelines please click here. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Portable Basketball Hoops
The Town is not legally responsible for any damage to basketball hoops or any other items placed in the Town right-of-way.
Snowplows and Lawn Damage
Although we take great care at minimizing lawn damage during the winter season, unfortunately sometimes it cannot be avoided and is a consequence of snow removal. To allow us to prepare for future storms and keep storm drains open, it becomes necessary for the plows to push the snow beyond the edge of the road. If you must install snow markers in the Town right-of-way, please keep them at least two feet from the edge of the road. This will keep them from being knocked down from the weight of the snow as the plow comes through.
Winter Parking Regulations
Traffic Information from the State
511NY is New York State’s official traffic and travel information source. Whether you drive or take public transit, visit 511NY for precisely what you need, or simply dial 511 on your phone. Wherever you’re going, 511NY is here to get you there. 511NY is a free service of the New York State Dept. of Transportation
Dig Safely
We need your help to protect the public and prevent damage to underground facilities! Click Here to learn more.