Water Department

Kevin Margosian,
Operator of Water
Phone: 518.664.4611 x201
Matt Harris,
Superintendant of Highway Water & Sewer
Phone: 518.664.4611 x211

Shelby Knapp,
Highway Confidential Secretary
Phone: 518.664.4611 x210

After hours water emergency:
Saratoga County Sheriff 885-6761


The Town of Stillwater Water mission is to supply, distribute and sell domestic water and services within the Town of Stillwater. Our mission is to provide safe, high quality and reliable water and service to residents, commercial and industrial customers within the Town of Stillwater; as a financially independent department. All revenues received from water sales and other related activities remain within the department to fund its operation.

In fulfilling our mission we will: 

  • Responsibly serve the public 
  • Provide employees a safe and healthy work environment 
  • Ensure fair and equitable rates and charges 
  • Work cooperatively with local, regional, state and federal agencies 
  • Practice ethical behavior 
  • Ensure an open process 
  • Ensure equal opportunity and diversity in personnel matters and contracting


  • Ensure that the Town of Stillwater Water Department delivers high quality and reliable water supplies for current and future needs.
  • Provide excellent customer service and high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Plan, design & construct high quality facilities consistent with the Town needs and industry standards.
  • Effectively manage the Water Dept’s financial resources in conformance with Board policies.
  • Ensure that all Water Department activities surpass all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Operate, maintain and protect the Water Dept’s facilities in a safe and cost- effective manner.
  • Provide leadership in water affairs.
  • Actively enhance effective community relations and public information.
  • Create and maintain a work environment the fosters teamwork and individual excellence.
  • Manage/maintain the DOH, EPA and DEC regulations & protect public safety and water quality.
  • Work closely with the Town of Stillwater’s Planning Department and Highway Department.