Police Commission

Police Reform and Reinvention Plan 2022

Objectives of the Police Commission:

  • Collaborate with the Chief in establishing departmental policies and procedures.
  • Review, and approve police policies and procedures.
  • Assist the Chief of Police in coordinating the activities of sworn officers, supervisors, and civilian staff and to assure that the department has the necessary resources within budgetary guidelines.
  • Review any disciplinary matters involving sworn members and civilian staff of the police department.
  • Assist the Chief of Police in reviewing and approving police budgets for Town Board final review and approval.
  • Work to develop and maintain positive relationships with the community

Commission Members: 

The Police Commission welcomes input from the residents and businesses in the Town of Stillwater.

Input may be emailed to: John Nett, Police Commissioner ~ john.nett@stillwaterny.org

CLICK HERE To review the Police Commission Charter