Parks & Facilities

Art Baker, Commissioner of Parks
Phone: 518.573.0315

Riverfront Park: Under Open air Pavilion; Call Deputy Town Clerk Barbara at 518.664.6148  x207 or

Riverside Veterans Park:  to use fields email: or call Sue at 518.209.1153

Riverside Baseball Field: Rules and Regulations

Glen Hollow Park: Call Deputy Town Clerk at Barbara at 518.664.6148 x207 or
To use the fields email or call Sue at 518-209-1153

When permit is complete, drop off at the Stillwater Town Hall, Town Clerk’s Office.

Complaint or Concern about any of the parks: Contact Councilman Artie Baker (Park Director) at 518-573-0315 or Sue Cunningham or call 518.209.1153

Over the past several years, using volunteers, Town Labor, Grant funds and some Town funds, we have constructed a robust Park system for residents and visitors enjoyment.  These parks offer convenient free outdoor activity and help attract new homeowners and businesses to our town.  Additionally, we have completed portions of an extensive trail system that will allow pedestrian walking and biking from Mechanicville to the Town of Saratoga. Portions of our northern trail will hopefully be completed this coming year. Learn more about our trail here Multi-Use Trail.

The Town of Stillwater recognizes the importance of parks and is pleased to offer these types of areas to its residents.

A list of Stillwater Town Park’s & Facilities

Enjoy the local outdoor amenities, but please

Leave No Trace: Open Space provides a safe haven for wild plants and animals and a welcome break from our work-a-day lives. By recreating wisely we can minimize our impact on wildlife, their homes and fellow visitors, while enjoying our experience even more.

Practice Trail Etiquette: We all know how great our outdoor experiences can be. One discourteous person can ruin an outing. Be courteous and everyone will have a better time.

Leave What You Find: The Northeast is rich in human history. In the forests we often find fascinating reminders of generations past.
Preserve the past; examine, but do not touch or remove cultural or historic structures and artifacts.

Manage Your Dog: A pet under control lessens the chance for harm to your dog and others. When allowed off-leash, voice and sight control means coming on first command. Pack a pick up bag and always pick up