Stillwater DGEIS

Stillwater Comprehensive Plan and GEIS Update 2020

Town of Stillwater DGEIS:
Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement

The purpose of this Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS) is to evaluate the potential impacts of growth on certain resources and facilities located in the Town of Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York. This document examines the impacts of land development projected to occur from 2007-2017 on the Town’s infrastructure including highways (traffic), water supply and distribution systems, wastewater collection and treatment system, as well as the Town’s open spaces, farmland, and recreational facilities.

This DGEIS evaluates the cumulative impacts of land development (new homes, commercial/industrial development) on the town’s infrastructure and community character as defined by farmland and open space. The level of detail in a GEIS is usually provided at a reduced (conceptual) level of detail and presented in broader scale/prospective. The DGEIS focuses on a range of issues and cumulative (or incremental) impacts. The evaluation of cumulative impacts is not typically addressed in detail in site specific EIS’s, but is a major focus of a DGEIS. Over time, cumulative impacts can have significant and often irreversible impacts on community character and resources.

The Town of Stillwater is concerned that uncontrolled or poorly managed growth will have a significant adverse impact to community character, open space and agricultural resources, its highway system, as well as its water and wastewater facilities and has therefore caused the preparation of this document.

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