The Consolidated Health District

276 County Route 75 ~ Mechanicville, New York 12118

The Board of Health of the Consolidated Health District of Stillwater has enacted health regulations essential to the preservation and protection of the health of the inhabitants within its jurisdiction.  All provisions contained in the State Public Health law and the Environmental Conservation law shall apply to the Public Health Code of the Consolidated Health District of Stillwater.  The purpose of this local code is to establish regulations for situations peculiar to this locality and which are not specifically treated by State Public Health law.  This public health code has been approved by the State Commissioner of Health and been appended to and made part of this code.

The organization and jurisdiction of the local Board of Health are detailed within the Code.  Provisions of the Code include public nuisances and complaints, garbage disposal, sewage disposal and disposal of human and animal waste, air pollution, harboring of animals, rabies control and the right of entrance and inspection of property and posting of placards. Questions regarding the Board of Health maybe directed to members of the board.