Emergency Management Plan

The Comprehensive Emergency Management plan is the result of the recognition by both the Town and Village of Stillwater that a comprehensive plan is needed to enhance and guide the community’s ability to prepare, respond and recover from emergency or disaster events. The plan was prepared jointly with members of the volunteer Emergency Management Committee in coordination with Saratoga County and the State Office of Emergency Management. The plan constitutes an integral part of a statewide emergency management program and contributes to its effectiveness. Authority to undertake this effort is provided by both Executive Law Article 2-b and the New York State Defense Emergency Act.
Mental Health/Psychological First Aid Response

This plan will cover four areas of emergency preparedness. Given the limited resources and number of mental health volunteers (MHV) available the plan is designed to meet the needs of the community in the following areas: Emergency Shelters, Emergency Operations Center, Community-wide Education, Limited response following a disaster (Psychological First Aid or PFA)

Article 2-B (pdf)

State And Local Natural And Man-Made Disaster Preparedness

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