Saratoga Lake

Saratoga Lake

Saratoga Lake is a place of great natural beauty. Located just northwest of Stillwater, it is a wonderful recreation spot for boating, year-round fishing (including winter ice fishing) and a place of relaxtion and rest.

Originally, the Mohawks named the lake Caniad-eri-os-se-ra: The lake of the crooked stream. In 1772, settlers named it Saratoga Lake.

Saratoga Lake is eight miles long and a bit over two miles wide at its broadest. It is entered by Kayderosseras Creek and empties into Fish Creek.

Lake populations include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, northern pike and walleye.

Saratoga Lake State Boat Launch offers a boat launch site onto Saratoga Lake.

The Saratoga Lake area has a varied climate with average January temperatures ranging from 14 to 22 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 to -6 degrees Celsius). Summer temperatures average around 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius). Precipitation in the region ranges from 36 to more than 44 inches of rain and snowmelt. A slender parcel along the eastern state line receive the heaviest precipitation.

Brown’s Beach
Brown's Beach is one of the only public swimming spots on Saratoga Lake. A kayak/canoe launch area is a great area to learn any type of water sport. Picnic and volleyball areas are available. Brown's Beach reopened to the public in 2015.
Saratoga Lake Association

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