Standing Committees

Chairman & Committee Liasons are responsible to hold Committee Meetings as necessary and can call a meeting without advance notice of the entire Town Board. All Members of the Town Board are invited and encouraged to attend ANY committee meeting at any time. With reasonable notice by the chairperson, town department heads are available for technical assistance, advice or consultation at any relevant committee meeting.Written Reports are appropriate but not necessary; Oral Reports at Town Board Meetings are required when committee meetings are held. If action items are taken at committee meetings, a written report of the meeting should be provided to all members of the Town Board as soon as practical.

Long Range Planning
Ken Petronis (Other Appointments pending)
Town Infrastructure

Ed Kinowski (Chairman), Ken Petronis, John Murray (Fomerly Water, Sewer, Lighting & Highway)

Library & Historical

Lisa Bruno (Chairperson)

Police Commission
Lisa Bruno (Chairperson), Lawrence Whalen, Ed Kinowski
Buildings, Grounds, Parks & Recreation

Art Baker (Chairman), Lisa Bruno, Ken Petronis

Promotions & Public Relations

Lisa Bruno, Art Baker

Community Center
Lisa Bruno (Chairperson), Art Baker
Capital Projects

Ed Kinowski (Chairperson), Ken Petronis

Mechanicville/Stillwater Industrial Development Agency (IDA) (5)

Sally Herrick, Maria Morris, Larry Rinaldi, Scott Ronda (CFO)

Youth Advisory Committee (County)

William Mallard, Daniel Dunn, Youth Representative

Senior Citizen Advisory Committee (County)
Annetta Melber
Saratoga County Fire Advisory Board
Jeffrey Mahar
Saratoga County Office of the Aging Advisory Board

Jean Farnan

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