Open Space Plan

The goal of the Farmland & Open Space Protection Plan is to establish a vision for the Town of Stillwater’s efforts to preserve its rural landscape. Stillwater’s open space character is largely influenced by its working landscapes and connections to the Hudson River. Long term growth within the Town will involve the consumption of open space and the potential conversion of farmland to residential use. The Farmland & Open Space Protection Plan, with the aid of the Advisory Committee and public participation, will identify those resources that are valuable to the community. Once identified, the Farmland & Open Space Protection Plan seeks to use existing tools and methods to minimize the negative impacts of development, and to create new strategies and tools to implement future conservation efforts.

Meeting Notes:

Meeting I Summary (.pdf) - July 25th, 2007

Meeting II Summary (.pdf)- August 16th, 2007

Meeting III Summary (.pdf) - October 18th, 2007

Meeting IV Summary (.pdf) - October 29th, 2007

Public Workshop Notes - September 18th, 2007

Town’s Draft Farmland and Open Space Protection Plan - December 19th, 2007



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