Handicap Parking Permits

Town residents that are in need of a permanent or temporary handicap parking permit may obtain one from our office.  The NYS Department of Motor Vehicles application must be completed and returned to us. Part I is completed by the applicant and Part II is completed by the appropriate health care provider.

A permanent permit is valid for a five-year period.

A temporary permit is issued for up to six months.

If you are unable to apply in person, you may apply via the mail or you may have someone bring your completed application and drivers' license to Town Hall for you.

If a permit is lost or stolen, you may come to our office for a replacement.  The replacement permit will retain the original permit's expiration date.  

If the permit is damaged, bring the damaged permit to our office, it will be immediately replaced and a new permit will be issued retaining the original permit's expiration date.

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