Emergency Management Plan

The Comprehensive Emergency Management plan is the result of the recognition by both the Town and Village of Stillwater that a comprehensive plan is needed to enhance and guide the community’s ability to prepare, respond and recover from emergency or disaster events. The plan was prepared jointly with members of the volunteer Emergency Management Committee in coordination with Saratoga County and the State Office of Emergency Management. The plan constitutes an integral part of a statewide emergency management program and contributes to its effectiveness. Authority to undertake this effort is provided by both Executive Law Article 2-b and the New York State Defense Emergency Act.
For Our Residents in Flood Prone Areas

The American Red Cross announced its new Flood App to help save lives and reduce losses from floods and flash floods. This free app gives iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone users instant access to local and real-time information, so they know what to do before, during and after a flood.

CEMP 2012 Update

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan 2012 Update. (pdf)

Donations Management Task Force

This guidance document provides information on planning considerations for a major event to aid local government in: 1) formulating a donations management strategy; 2) developing, activating and demobilizing a donations management operation; 3) managing donated monies, goods and services; 4) managing volunteer resources and government agency assistance; 5) coordinating with the media; and 6) miscellaneous housekeeping issues.

Donations Management Appendix

This appendix defines the organization, provides operational guidance, responsibilities, and procedures to manage donated resources during an emergency or disaster affecting the Stillwater Community.

Emergency Pet Shelter Annex (pdf)

Emergency pet sheltering, also referred to as pet-accessible shelters, is designed to meet the needs of people and their animals during emergencies and disasters. Animal owners are responsible for their animals, and should have a disaster plan prepared for their animals in case of evacuations or emergencies. Still, there will sometime situations where emergency animal sheltering is needed such as rapid-onset disasters, massive evacuations where hotels and boarders/vet clinics are full and evacuees who bring their pets with them.

EOC Activation Checklist

Printable EOC Activation Checklist (pdf)

EOC Job Descriptions

Stillwater Community Emergency Management Plan Job Descriptions.

SOE and Emergency Orders
Instructions for declaring a local State of Emergency.
Stillwater Community Shelter Annex

Events statewide have caused all levels of government to take a closer look at congregate care. This annex to the Stillwater Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan is for use by local officials in addressing the threat of disaster which may require the activation of public shelters due to evacuations, need for temporary warming, cooling or feeding.

Hazard Analysis
On March 11, 2004, the Town of Stillwater conducted a hazard analysis using the automated program, HAZNY (Hazards New York). HAZNY was developed by the American Red Cross and the New York State Emergency Management Office. The results of this hazard analysis are presented in this report.
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